Posted Sep.24.16 at 03:51 pm


as you might've seen that I've had a huge trouble on getting those pages out in time. The thing is, I've been feeling anxious about the fact that Prague Race has been going on for such a long time!

I wanna move on, draw other comics, make something new!! But the style I'm making these pages atm is so time consuming, painting with ink takes so much time.  

So what the hell, I decided to stop inking completely. From now on, I'll just draw the pages straight down, without sketching anything, and then put some inkwash on top of it. 

It will get some time for me to figure out the new way of drawing, it'll look awful lmao but AS LONG AS THE STORY GOES ON, nothing else matters. 


I'd hire someone to assist me with the drawing but the style I make these is something that not many people know how to do, since I'm a relic of the old world doing everything traditionally lol lol, but don't worry, for my next comic I'm hiring a colourist! 



long story short, sorry that my pages will look more wonky from now on, but at least there will be ton of them and I'll finally get this story done. I don't want to spend another 5 years making this and I don't wanna quit either : D 

thank you for understanding.

(and I might come back to these pages every now and then and draw them properly if I get the energy!)