Posted Aug.17.16 at 07:28 am

You know what's the truth.

I actually forgot that Gabriele was with our main crew here, and thus I had to write this scene of Leona getting him back. This is what you get on having to draw one or two pages at the time, little details get forgotten, where did this characters backpack go, did this one have a hat or not, where did that side-plot lead anyway and did I forgot to put that foreshadowing to use way back or not?? Gotta keep pushing to keep that consistend update pace, at the expence of quality!!

These things might be easier for some people to keep together, but not for me HAH! My next comic will definitely be less filled with holes, so look forward to it!

ANYWAY look at me ramble, this whole comic is my very first comic, ever, and it's supposed to be a project where I learn to make comics. I hope I'm succeeding.