Leona is a restless young lady who just moved to her very first apartment with her cat Gabriele. She is trying to find a way to live in the society making easy money without having to get a real job ever.


Colin uses most of his free time taking artistic photographs of trash cans and homeless people. He is afraid of lots of things and all the things he seems to get disturbed about are drawn to him.

Miko is nice to everyone. That is why he often gets treated like a doormat. Sometimes, though rarely, he gets sad about being kicked around, but he is too nice to do anything about it. Then he makes tons of food and eats all of it to drown his sorrows and then he feels bad for eating so much, and the endless cycle of sadness continues.

He likes sleeping on warm surfaces, like laptops for example. Also sitting on books when someone's trying to read them is his favourite thing.

Toska is a bit simple but he covers it up by talking over people and trying to crawl on top of them and squeezing them flat under his huge body. Has no idea of personal space whatsoever.

Hates everything. Except Fishsticks. Sometimes shows some feeble, dry emotions that she doesn't probably hate Toska as much as others. She has a lot of shady business going on.

Fishsticks always smiles, how nice! But it's actually because of his facial anatomy, so we can never know what truly goes on behind those tiny black eyes.

Tahvo works at the Rehoming Center for the Accidentally Immigrated, where he spends his days trying to avoid doing anything. Is often covered in Doorowls.

Pam is always coming and going and seems to know every citizen in Vinetia. Makes a lot of awful puns.
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